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Correct info about a minor incident between 2 Leashed dogs

Posted by nycoffleash on October 27, 2006

There’s another blog on the Web whose author is dedicated to spreading second-hand misinformation about the Offleash Hours debate. This post is to set the record straight about a minor incident between two LEASHED dogs that occured in Juniper Valley Park on Saturday October 21st. The other blog claims that one of the dogs was unleashed and has tried to use this minor incident as propaganda and misinformation to confuse the public.  Here’s what happened from an first-hand eyewitness in Juniper Park on Saturday:


Contrary to what is posted on some other blogs regarding a minor indicent on Saturday October 21st, there was an unfortunate dog-on-dog incident involving two LEASHED dogs in Juniper Valley Park. One is an unneutered Beagle and the other is a dog that is being fostered and was walking around with a vest that said “Adopt Me”.


The Beagle’s owner was walking by me when she looked down and noticed that her dog was bleeding. She told us who the dog was that must have done it and someone went and retrieved the other dog and his handler. Upon inspection we noted that there was a tiny nick in the ear. We had a nurse on hand who told us that the ear tends to bleed a lot and that it did not look serious. The handler immediately offered to pay and went with them to the vet. No one knows how the nick happened it could have been a scratch or a tooth. It was an unfortunate accident and we are happy to report that after 3 stitches and a staple Chester the beagle’s ear should be as good as new.

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