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NYC Decides to Amend ‘Leash Law’

Posted by nycoffleash on September 1, 2006

In the State Supreme Courthouse on August 29th, the Corporate Counsel for the City (the Parks Department’s attorney in Juniper Park Civic Association v. NYC Parks Dept), announced that the City would immediately begin a 90-day process to amend the “Leash Law.” The Leash Law really isn’t a law at all, but a “rule and regulation” promulgated by the Health Department.

The City has decided that the Leash Law rule isn’t in synch with the Parks Department policy of 9pm-9am Offleash Courtesy Hours, so it plans to specificially allow Offleash Hours in the Health Department code.

If successful, this would make any State Supreme Court decision moot (either for or against offleash).

2 Responses to “NYC Decides to Amend ‘Leash Law’”

  1. Matthew said

    Is this a political process where politicians get involved, or is it just an inter-agency process between Health and Parks? Anyone know?

  2. Dawn D. Rockas said

    I am a resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn and an avid participant of the “off-leash” hours at Prospect Park.
    My dog, Spenser, and I take our priviledge very seriously and abide by all rules. We also monitor other dogs and dog owners to ensure that rules are followed and respected. We enjoy our park and off-leash rules.
    We would like to encourage local civic, business and other leaders to visit our park to witness the respect. We also invite you to visit our park to witness how our “drop-in neighbors” use our park and leave mounds of trash. Can we petition for “off-leash” rules for these individuals who tarnish our beautiful park?

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